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IT recruitment agency Soft-staff - About Us
We specialise in permanent IT recruitment. We have a structured training program that includes external training from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, for all account managers. We provide our customers with a team of capable professionals who are backed up with formal recruitment qualifications. The majority of the Soft-staff’s employees are degree qualified, mostly in HR and business related disciplines. We invest heavily in candidate and client marketing to ensure we bring the best candidates to employers and the best employers to jobseekers. The Soft-staff has a database of over 125,000 registered jobseekers. We work with businesses of all sizes in every part of the country. You would be in good company if you used the Soft-staff for your next IT vacancy!

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IT Recruitment Consultancy Moscow Agency Executive Search

With every new client brief we ensure we take a detailed job specification right at the start of the recruitment process, which means we will only send you the most relevant CVs for your IT job vacancy.

Our specialist IT recruitment consultants are thoroughly versed in banking structure and financial instruments in addition to having a peerless understanding of the most sought after IT products. Often they will know the IT consultants personally and will be completely up to date with their most recent experience. All of our senior recruitment staff have 4+ years service with Soft-staff so you can look forward to a long term relationship with your account team.

We have a strict quality control process for all CVs and will carry out reference and qualifications validation on your behalf. We provide a guarantee for each expert presented by our company.

Whether you are looking for one consultant or a team of 20, contract or permanent, in Moscow, Russia or any country in the world, Soft-staff is ready to help.

Value proposition

Soft-staff deliver a market leading customer service to both their clients and candidates alike.

Since 2003 we have supplied IT&T recruitment services to every part of the Russia and foreign. This includes all areas of business, large and small companies – and involves placing the best people available across all skill types and disciplines..

Our vision is to be the agency of choice, the place where expectations are exceeded. Soft-staff is the leading supplier of IT recruitment services n Moscow, a position we’ve been proud to hold for over 7 years.

We have one of the highest quality databases in the business and we have an excellent track record in sourcing candidates with rare skill sets in the IT and T industry. In many cases we have filled positions within a couple of days that may have been advertised for months.

Value proposition

- Specialists in management and business development in the areas of IT & Telecom: strategic and operational business management, sales management, marketing, HR, finance, etc.

- IT heads of departments, divisions, projects, directions: IT Director / Head of IT Department (CIO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO), head of a group of developers (Soft, Hard, Web).

- Specialists in the field of systems development and implementation of enterprise management ERP, CRM, WMS: Practice managers and project managers implementing the project teams, consultants for implementation and support specialists in IT infrastructure, administrators, and programmers.

- Experts on the development, implementation and support of software for banks, including specialists in various systems of the banking front-office and back office, customer service, processing, payment systems, plastic cards, acquiring, internet banking, etc.

- Specialists to develop and support software (developers, architects, analysts, QA engineers) design, development and database administration and analysis systems (architects, developers, administrators, DB, DWH, OLAP, EDMS, etc.)

- Experts in networks, telecommunications, special equipment: network and system administrators, architects, engineers, computer systems engineers, experts on data storage systems engineers, banking and commercial equipment, etc.

- Web-professionals: web-managers (directors and managers of Internet projects), web-professionals involved in the technical component of web-projects (software component sites), humanitarian creatives responsible for the content, advertising, marketing and PR.

- Experts on GIS technology - managers, developers, researchers and engineers working in the field of development and the development of geo-information software and / or the provision of web mapping services (Location Based Services, Map Web Services, Telematics, geo, etc.)

Some of our clients:

БBank of Moscow, VTB, ROSEVROBANK, Bank Finam, Investsberbank, Uniastrum Bank, the Bank garde, Rapida, Forex, Banking Production Centre (BPC), BSC (GEMINI), M-Video, Technosila, Metro Cash & Carry, Euroset, TD Famitiya, All Good , Cinema Park, Planet Fitness, Adidas, Bellingen, Wavin Rouse, Genser, Autoworld, Basic Element, PIK Group, Poster Industries, Gallup Media, Prime Tass, Ren-TV, La Redoute, Cesar SAT, INVITRO, Eurowindows, Russian Standard, BDO Unicon, Aplana Software, CQG, EPAM, Borlase Retail, Intelidzhens, Infolibris, Transport communications systems, Cherus network, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Radio Frequency Center, Research Institute of Quantum, StarLink Telecom, NVision and many others.

We will be glad to answer any questions by phone (495) 6447813, (499) 177-72-96, by e-mail

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Recruitment Category

- Business Analyst
- IT Director
- IT Manager
- IT Support
- Application Programming
- ASIC/Chip Design
- Client Server
- DBA/Datawarehousing
- eCommerce/Internet
- Embedded/EDA/VLSI
- Hardware/Telecom
- Mainframe
- Middleware
- Mobile
- Network Admin/Security
- System Programming
- Systems/EDP/MIS
- Telecom Software
- Programme Manager
- Project Manager
- R&D/Engineering Design
- Systems Analyst


Since August 2012, we accept payments only in rubles and, much to our regret, compelled to refuse to cooperate with the companies by non-residents who do not have offices in Russia and partners to meet this condition.

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